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DmxEtherGate MKII


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Made by: Enttec
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This DMXEthergate has 2 output or input ports, supports multiple protocols and is configured using any web browser thank to the built-in webpage.

  • Plug and Play or Configured operation
  • 2 input or output ports
  • RDM enabled (TALK Back)
  • Up to 256 DMX512 universes on a 10Base-T Ethernet link
  • Remote configuration using any web browser.
  • Endless Softpatch capabilities
  • Node Universe Binding (have multiple nodes each assigned to their own DMX universe)
  • Static or DHCP IP configuration
  • RLE Data compression to minimize bandwidth
  • Easy firmware upgrades using DHCP + TFTP
  • ENTTEC protocol (ESP)
  • Artnet protocol support