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Virtual Controller 1


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Made by: Daslight
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The first generation of this software is very simple and efficient to use, and it is perfectly suitable for all projects of small and medium scale. Virtual Controller is a professional lighting control software that offers a practically instantaneous operation, and is convenient for all kinds of performances and very useful for lighting programming. The 2nd version includes all the existing features of Virtual Controller.


  • Management of lighting groups and fixture functions.
  • Automatic change of the address of your lightings
  • Control of the 8 bits and 16 bits channels
  • Inversion of PAN & TILT movement
  • Control of PRESET and the window that gives direct access to the functions of your fixtures
  • DMX IN function to control manually your DMX channels via a console, to record in real time the scenes from a console
  • Copy, paste (Scenes, step, programmes…)
  • Unlimited number of steps, scenes, programs and effects
  • Use of fade and wait time to create your scenes in a simple way
  • Management of loops, jump to the next scene, leap of scene, fade time between scenes
  • Possibility of creating cycles of scenes (cycle = sequence)
  • Insert a scene from another project
  • Triggering of scenes, programs, effects by keyboard shortcut keys, Midi Note, mouse, HE10 contact, HTML link or command software
  • Simultaneous triggering of scenes and audio files (MP3, wav, etc…)
  • General or selective control of the scene and progam movement speed
  • General or selective pause of the scene and programs movement
  • Management of DMX channels with priority to HTP and LTP
  • Management of BPM AUDIO in scenes and programs
  • Blockage of the software only in Live mode

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