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Velleman K8062

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Made by: Velleman
Windows SupportLinux SupportMac OS X SupportSends DMX


  • This unit can control DMX fixtures using USB interface
  • Test software and "DMX Light Player" software is included, a DLL is provided to write your own software
  • Furthermore there is a stand-alone test function that outputs all 512 channels at a time, with adjustable levels
  • Kit includes:
    • nice enclosure
    • USB cable
    • CD with: test software, DLL for own developments, free DMX light player

This is actually a very poor interface and not recommended. The design of the K8062 means that it can only transfer 8 bytes of data every 10ms over the USB port, leading to a max frame rate of 1.6 full DMX frames / second. The Velleman USB protocol uses a simple form of compression which results in frames having a large number of 0 byte channels being sent faster.

If this number of channels used is kept small this limitation is unlikely to be noticed. Users that want to use a large number of channels at full rate are encouraged to apply the third party upgrade or switch to another interface.

The Velleman K8062 Upgrade describes the limitations of the original design and explains a modification to the K8062 which enables it to handle full frame rate DMX.

Supported on Linux and Mac with the Open Lighting Architecture.