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The interface has the following key features.

  • USB Bus powered
  • DMX lines galvanic opto-isolated from the USB bus
  • DMX lines over voltage protected, and current limited
  • Simultaneously send and receive up to 512 channels
  • Minimal host computer resource needed
  • Firmware updatable over USB
  • High quality resilient line drivers
  • Heavy duty powder coated steel case
  • Affordable and easy to build
  • Compatible with all major O/S (refers to driver for USB to serial interface)
  • The data is buffered in the device, and the device handles the timings itself

LLA and DMX4Linu has no driver for this device (8/1 2007), but the protocol is documented.

The interface can be used from a number of DMX controller apps for Windows and Mac OS.

There is a schematic for this device.