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Talk:Q Light Controller (QLC)


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The page could mention interesting features.

Or how to operate QLC and its features.

E.g how to modify (move or squeeze) a pattern of pan/tilt, adjust intensity or colors with a offset to intensity or CMY/RGB values.

Additional ideas for written info

The DMX start code is fixed to 0, I think (stated on the mailing list?).

No support for RDM, but it is possible to code that functionality?

Can QLC be remote controlled from hand-held devices, i.e. to turn lamps on/off while being on stage, a ladder, out of reach of the computer running QLC?

> depends on the OS you use.

How well does it work with a touch screen?

> great. tested on resistive, SAW and multitouch screens.

Can keyboard buttons and shortcuts be assigned to functions?

Can steps/scenes be changed, like proceed to next step by MIDI commands?

> yes. Via Button / Input functions

How can chase speed be controlled? Is there a tap sync for global speed and/or selected chases?

Can colour/intensity/iris function values be assigned to sine/cosine/triangle/sawtooth time functions?

Is it possible to offset DMX values just before the output, or to offset colour/position/etc. values?

If I make many scenes/steps that uses certain positions over and over again, is it possible to store e.g. x/y positions as a pre-set (or variable) instead of a hard-coded value in each step, in a way that the pre-set is a position (set of values), that can be changed and affect all steps that use that pre-set?

Perhaps the answers to these questions should go in a different page than the page with the QLC overview, perhaps name "QLC Usage details".