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Scenemaster 3F


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Made by: Theatrelight
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The Theatrelight Scenemaster 3F has been designed to bring the cost of effective micro-processor controlled stage lighting into an affordable range. Versatile and easy to use, it is ideally suited to the lighting of both large and small venues. Whatever your needs, the Scenemaster 3F is the lighting controller to enhance your performance.


  • Available in 12/24 or 24/48 models
  • Large memory capacity with over 500 scenes
  • 5 Year memory retention
  • 4 pages of scenemasters with automatic page overlay
  • Each submaster can record a scene, a chase or an entire show
  • Recordable up and down fade times
  • Fade times programmable from 0.1 sec to 10 minutes or instant
  • Record and erase protection codes
  • Single button show operation
  • Multiple independent chase speeds
  • Record Beat function for synchronizing chase speeds to live music
  • Comprehensive scene editing facilities
  • Wide mode doubles channel capacity
  • Wide mode Park function emulates two preset desks
  • Standard DMX 512 USITT 1990 output
  • Memory card and print-out (Factory option)
  • Dynamic VGA colour display (Factory option)