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Leviton Status


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Made by: Leviton
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The 8700 Series lighting control consoles are everything the sophisticated lighting professional needs with enhanced features which make creating your design, programming your show, and executing your masterpiece easy and rewarding. U.S. Patent Numbers: 6,930,455 & 6,020,825 & 5,668,537.


  • Operates in either two-scene manual mode or multi-scene memory mode
  • Available in both 12/24 and 24/48 channel versions
  • Memory mode provides doubled channel capacity and up to 118 recorded cues plus two manual cues for a total of 120 cues
  • 512 dimmers capacity, overlapping submasters, programmable bump buttons, and the ability to play back effects on any submaster
  • Integral LCD screen displays all Cue, Playback and Submaster information
  • UL listed power supply