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DMX 4 Linux


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DMX 4 Linux has been the de-facto library for communicating with DMX devices under Linux. Supporting over 14 DMX interfaces including PCI, USB and parallel port models, the DMX 4 Linux architecture is easily extensible.

Alternatives include the driver framework OLA (with many DMX over IP protocols) and the controller app QLC that directly supports Enttec Open DMX USB Anyma uDMX , and with a special kernel module the Rodin1.

DMX 4 Linux 2.6 Release Development snapshots for 2.6 kernels from the dmx4linux developers are here

Bastien Andres has made an unofficial release of DMX 4 Linux for the 2.6 series of kernels. A number of drivers have been modified to compile cleanly on 2.6 and the build system has also been cleaned.

Some drivers do not compile or are incomplete, see the STATUS_BA file in the archive for more details. Sources available here

The latest official release is 2.6.1 from April 2008 [1].