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what software allows for the full exploitation of 850 frames per second?

A frame normally means one block of channel data that contains 8 data bits/ 1 data byte.

Almost every DMX transmitter and driver software can send enough DMX packets with hundreds of data frames each.

If you want a particular frame at a given address to be updated 850 times a second, then the packet rate needs to be 850 Hz. this requires that the interface only sends about 20-24 frames per packet.

Perhaps this can be done with LLA and the Enttec DMX USB Pro, by setting the number of frames to be transmitted by the console app called "lla_usbpro". Then LLA can be given DMX data by QLC or any of the DMX over IP protocols.

--Beier 03:44, 7 December 2008 (PST)

Do you think it would be possible to build a table with all these softwares, to be able to sort them by o.s., price, &tc?.