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Made by: Sandsys
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The SandBox UMX4 is equipped with 4 bi-directional ports for up to 2,048 DMX inputs or outputs. All DMX connectors and indicators are located on the front of the unit for easy access and monitoring. Two ports are equipped with female XLRs and two with male XLRs. Each of the bi-directional ports is complimented by separate input and output indicators and features software controlled end-of-line termination.

The UMX4 is also equipped with two software controlled loop-through relays that can facilitate a passive connection between the male and female ports. This is very useful in situations where the UMX4 and a PC are used to provide a backup function or other applications where the UMX4 is connected inline between a controller and the DMX devices.

  • The computer connection is USB.
  • It is powered through USB.

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