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Made by: Peperoni Light
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The smallest real DMX512 tester on the market

MicroTest tests all parameters relevant to DMX512. Results are indicated via a blinking multi color LED. MicroTests full metal housing is designed as keyring pendant to withstands hardest stage environments. It does not require any battery and is therefore perfectly suitable for harsh all day use.

MicroTest test the following parameters: Break > 88 s, Mark-after-Break > 4 us, bit clock = 250 kbit, data transmission format 1 start-, 8 data- and 2 stopbits, startcode = 0 and all for both polarities. Hence it clearly identify DMX512 lines from broken cables, damaged transmitters, any other lines.

MicroTest is compatible with DMX512, DMX512/1990, DMX512-A and RDM.