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OLA 0.3


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This page discusses the 0.3 release of OLA.

User facing changes

  • (Optional) HTTP server with web interface for configuration
  • Web based DMX console
  • Support for embedding the OLA server within other programs
  • OS X support
  • Port-Universe patchings are now saved between server restarts
  • Removed dependence on libshownet and libespnet
  • Full Python API

Internal changes

  • Completely new RPC system based on [Protocol Buffers] allowing for fully asynchronous rpcs.
  • ExportMap - exports debugging information via http
  • A much improved logging framework
  • Abstraction of network code to support porting to other platforms
  • Refactored the plugin architecture to remove redundant code

Known Issues

Please report issues at

  • Due to bugs in libmicrohttpd, you need version 0.4 and above for it to work correctly.