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DMX Music Visualization


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This software uses internationally patented technology for controlling lighting technology by audio signals (LTCA). It can cleverly control all of the lighting technology direcly by music. The most widespread DMX512 protocol is used to control the lighting technology. Version of Music Visualization that allows for controlling the first 10 DMX channels is available for download for free.

For Music Visualization to be fully functional any ordinary PC with a sound card and USB port is entirely sufficitent. Music analysis is done in the backround from any input or output (e.g. microphone input, line input or any application such as Windows Media Player, WinAmp and others). The software is primarily targeted at clubs, discos and live music. There is no need for any adjustments during the whole of music performance. The software can distinguish different music genres, styles and changes of tempo. Only good initial setting of the software and the configuration of the connected lighting technlogy is necessary for the variations in music to become visual. The control and the whole scene can be manually adjusted using for example DJ buttons or wireless controller.

Works with interfaces: