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Lighting News
Open Lighting Architecture 0.5.0 Released 21/11/09
OLA 0.5.0 has been released. It now supports SandNet and automatic USB Pro detection.
Open Lighting Architecture 0.4.0 Released 18/10/09
OLA 0.4.0 now supports Streaming DMX over ACN known as E1.31.
Open Lighting Architecture 0.3.0 Released 8/8/09
The Open Lighting Project has released OLA 0.3.0. OLA provides a cross-platform, cross language library for communicating with DMX devices (both locally and network based).
Luminair Updated
The team at SyntheFX has released Luminair 1.5.3, the premier iPhone app for controlling DMX lights.
Enttec Releases DMXIS
The Enttec DMXIS was designed specifically for live performers who want to run an automated light show while performing on stage. With DMXIS, you pre-program your entire light show in advance, letting you concentrate on your live performance. You can then manually step through the light show using a simple footswitch plugged into the DMXIS hardware interface.
Goddard Design Co. Announces Release of New Software for the DMXter4 RDM
Goddard Design Co. is happy to announce the release of V4.00 software for the DMXter4 RDM. “This code will query, test, and configure RDM responders,” says Bob Goddard. “And it significantly expands the DMX test options with the addition of our Intercept and Modify feature.”