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There are software tools specific for the interface "Enttec DMX USB Pro", also in [LLA]. Where should they be described? On a separate page, with links from LLA and Using LLA?

  • How to use them (take info from and elaborate them (Se the exaple with lla_usbpro below).
  • developer info: the structure of function calls and data flow.
  Does lla_usbpro write arbitrary settings to the device if it cannot read valid data back?
  i.e. does LLA store the garbled numbers and write them back to the "USB Pro"? Is there a boundary check on the values?



Query and control the parameters of the Enttec USB Pro device


  • -d, --dev <dev_id> The device id to configure. (required?)
  • -p, --params Get and show the parameters.
  • -s, --serial Get and show the serial number.
  • -b, --brk <brk> Set the break time. what is the unit?
  • -m, --mab <mab> Set the make after-break-time. what is the unit?
  • -r, --rate <rate> Set the transmission rate. Unit is DMX Packets per second, from 1 to 40, "0" means "fastest possible".
  • -s, --serial Get the serial number.

LLA developer info

Would it be nice with a page with this name? Or perhaps LLA code documentation?

Suggestions for content:

  • I have difficulties to track the flow of data from it is fetched from the USB Pro until it is printed to the console by the app lla_usbpro. Some diagrams over the structure and data flow diagrams, or text that gives a good overview would be nice
  • What is the structure of the plugins?
  • What is the interface between the LLA core and LLA plugins?
  • What is the interface between the LLA core and other apps/clients to LLA like QLC?
  • What is it with the hidden web server?

How is functionality split between the usbpro plugin and the example program?

Drivers and platforms

LLA compiles on Linux and Mac and probably also Windows, but not all drivers work everywhere (yet). Here the status can be listed.

Supported Devices/Protocols:

Driver Linux Mac OS X Windows
ArtNet Linux=Yes  ??  ??
ShowNet Linux=Yes  ??  ??
ESP Net Linux=Yes  ??  ??
Sandnet Linux=Yes  ??  ??
DMX USB Pro Linux=Yes  ?? No
Open DMX USB 1) Linux=Yes  ?? No
DMX 4 Linux Linux=Yes  ?? No
StageProfi Linux=Yes  ?? No
Pathport Linux=in testing  ?? No
E1.31 / ACN Linux=development started  ?? No

Note 1): Support through the Linux kernel module from Erwin Rol, as detailed in LLA, OpenDMX USB and Q Light Controller Tutorial.

Unsupported devices: