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OLA Python API


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Building the Python Bindings

See Building LLA but run ./configure --enable-python-libs

Interesting Classes

the main connection class
represents a list of DMX channel values
base class to handle events
represents a Plugin
represents a Device

Sending DMX

A simple example to send DMX:

from lla import *
import sys

con = LlaClient()
if con.start():

universe = 0

# create a dmxBuffer for the channel values
DMX_LEN = 512
dmx = dmxBuffer(DMX_LEN)
for i in range(0, DMX_LEN):
  dmx[i] = i

con.send_dmx(universe, dmx, DMX_LEN)

Receiving DMX

Receiving is slightly harder, we need to setup an Observer object to handle the events:

from lla import *
import sys