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OLA Performance Stats


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This is a brain dump of random OLA performance metrics. Unless otherwise mentioned these were performed on a MacBook Pro 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Idle Test

Receiving an Streaming DMX update for a non-active universe with 512 channels is 40-50uS. This represents the best-case turn around time for an RPC.

UsbPro Test

Patching the Usb Pro Output port causes the average loop time to increase to 150uS for a 512 channel packet. 200 frames/second is about the upper limit the Usb Pro can support.

E1.31 Test

Patching an E1.31 Output Port results in a loop time of 125uS @ 200fps. OLA can sustain at least 2200 frames per second in this mode, where the loop time drops to 70uS. This was tested with a single universe and 4 universes.

RPC Throughput

At least 12k rpcs/second.


The average isn't the best measurement, we should use the working time for just dmx queries.