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OLA Notes on Building Debian Packages


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These are mostly Simon's notes to himself on how to build the packages to the Raspberry Pi. RenZO looks after the Debian config files.

  • Download tarball, unpack
  • Edit debian/changelog to have the following
ola (0.8.22-1~squeeze1) squeeze; urgency=low
  • Run debuild -B, to build the arch dependent, binary packages (arch-independent packages are done by Renzo).
  • Make sure that your files are chmod 644 (-rw-r--r--)
  • Make sure ~/.dupload.conf is setup correctly:
package config;

delete $preupload{'changes'};

$cfg{'openlighting-debian'} = {
  fqdn => "",
  login => "simon",
  method => "scp",
  incoming => "/opt/packages/incoming/debian/",

$default_host = "openlighting-debian";
  • Run dupload:
dupload ola_0.8.22-1_armel.changes

If having more than one dupload config:

dupload -t openlighting-ubuntu precise32/*changes