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There are two different Devices, both with the name KarateLight. They are both opensource and use the same protocol. Both are supported by the OLA karate-plugin. First there is a RGB-LED-Dimmer, originally created for ambient lighting on TVs. The second one, by the name of KarateLight-DMX is a simple and cheap USB2DMX Intererface. The first prototype only supports sending DMX, but RDM support will be added in the next hardware revision.

KarateLight Dimmer

16-Channel KarateLight Dimmer
  • 8/16 RGB Channels for 12V LED-Stripes
  • 60 Watt Output Power (or 120Watt for 24V LEDs)
  • 12Bit color resolution (Gamma-Lookup Table in the Firmware
  • 1kHz PWM frequency
  • Free Hardware (CC-BY-NC-SA). Get the schematic and build your own device
  • Firmware-upgrade over USB

KarateLight DMX Interface

KarateLight USB2DMX Interface
  • From USB to DMX (one way DMX; RDM will be added in the next version)
  • The DMX data is buffered and the transmission is timed by the microcontroller
  • USB powered
  • No galvanic isolation (will be added in the next version)
  • Free Hardware (CC-BY-NC-SA). Get the schematic and build your own device
  • Firmware-upgrade over USB


  • Supported by OLA on Linux
  • Plugin support for most Enigma2 Settop-Boxes
  • Supported by boblight (Win, Linux, Mac)
  • Supported by AtmoWin (Windows)
  • Supported by DFAtmo (Xbmc, VDR, xinelib)
  • Firmware is based on the Microchip-USB-Stack for Pic18 Controllers which is free-as-in-beer but not free-as-in-speech. The non-Microchip parts are GPL.